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Specialist Training

Our training is central to the Kings Volunteer approach. It introduces the Kings Factor - an energy, passion and commitment to child development.

The Kings Volunteer training focuses on equipping participants to create the right atmosphere for children to thrive in. In addition to introducing the Base Pack and a wide range of games, ideas, songs and chants, the training shares 7 simple principles for working with children, which encourage participants to be: enthusiastic, engaging, creative, encouraging, inclusive, informative and responsible. It also covers a simple ABC of coaching which demonstrates in very practical ways how participants can adapt their sessions, manage behaviour and communicate effectively with children and young people.

The training is highly interactive and experiential in nature – with participants experiencing the games, ideas and techniques first hand, and then reflecting on how they can deliver a similar experience for the children and young people that they work with. Designed to be very simple, highly transferable and adaptable to any context, the training equips volunteers, whatever their background or experience, to provide fun, informative and inclusive activity sessions that children and young people will really enjoy. It also helps volunteers and partners to incorporate and communicate educational content in fun and engaging ways.