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We work in partnership with development agencies and non-profit organizations who are working in some of the world’s most difficult contexts.

Children face many complex challenges on a daily basis and we are unable to address these challenges in isolation but by working with local partners who understand their communities and who are experienced in responding to children’s needs, we can help to make a real difference.

Our strategic partnership approach enables us to provide in-person specialist training to program staff and community volunteers, helping them to utilize the Base Pack resource and fully integrate sport and active games into existing programs.


We are keen to connect with organizations that:

  • Share our values and beliefs
  • Promote child wellbeing and protect children’s rights
  • Engage with children and young people
  • Have a desire to work in new and innovative ways
  • Are of good reputation and with proven experience
  • Have community presence with regional, national or international coverage


Click Here if you are interested in partnering with us.